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 the female alchemy

- next workshop: July 2021

- holistically oriented preparation of body and soul for the transformation of a woman through birth

- a combination of modern and ancient teachings and wisdoms

- for women in pregnancy up to 3 years after birth and their female partners (in same sex relationships)

- max. 10 participants

320 €

birth for future fathers

- next workshop: juli 2021

- 4h workshop  for men only to prepare for the birth process

- turning helplessness and insecurity into strengthening, confident support for the birth of your child

- max. 15 participants

58 € 

the afterbirth, a first friendship

- one on one placenta workshop after birth or up to 2 years later

- please contact me for the bloody details :)

480 € 

 sustainable parenting workshop 

- next workshop: starting again may

- delightful get together over nuts and fruit

- topics: elimination communication, baby lead weaning, co-sleeping, dealing with the grandparents and partners

- for pregnant women, moms and dads

- min. 1 max. 20 participants 

free / donation based

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