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Alma Frederyke Sauerbrey

mother - doula - photographer

In my matrilineal background stand strong, emancipated women -but tough-minded, secretive, bitter women. The gap between the generations before us and ours has always concerned me and encouraged me to change this for my and the coming lives - so it became my personal mission to form bonds, connections, gather old and new knowledge, pass it on and, of course, keep on learning.

I am a trained doula, diving instructor, studied artist, herbalist and most importantly the mother of a wonderful daughter.

To create special experiences, accompany people in unknown situations, to sculpt sensitive and creative transitions, to stimulate the process from heteronomy to self-determination - I regard as my vocation on interdisciplinary levels.

Quite honestly, there is nothing more beautiful than to support and accompany the birth of a new being and thus the becoming of a new mum.

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