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birth philosophy

A woman, the child growing inside of her and their shared birth process - together form an incomparable force.

Every single birth is highly individual, so every woman needs individually tailored support for this extraordinary challenge for body and soul.

When given the opportunity, a woman can develop unimagined powers in the process of birth. She only needs to be given space, time, trust in herself and her child and the strengthening of her own intuition.


A birth separates us - not from our child, but from everything we learned, from cultured behavior and our logical mind and brings us back to our origin, the savage animal in us, back to the purity of nature. And nature is unpredictable, so we can be grateful for the possibilities modern medicine gives us. And yet, the female body is made to give birth naturally, and pathologization is usually not necessary.

Birth is an experience we will remember for the rest of our life - so every woman should have the right to the fullest possible self-determination of this experience.

It not only completely changes the lives of all those directly involved, it can change the tone of a society.

It matters how our children come to this world.

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